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CoinMarketBull (CMB) Crypto trading bot simplifies the trading experience by making it possible to manage your portfolio without directly interfacing with exchanges.

CoinMarketBull Trading Bot uses the decentralized wallet and its advanced Al blockchain technology to programmatically execute trades.

Download the PDF with
All the Details - 20 Languages

Download the PDF
with All the Details
20 Languages

Our bot is trading on Binance Futures, because it has become one of the most liquid derivatives exchanges in the market. The vast number of Binance users has helped push trading volumes in the platform into the trillions of dollars. As a matter of fact, Binance was responsible for $7.7 trillion in crypto exchange volume in 2021.

Is it Game Over for Human Financial Analysts?

Yes, because trading bots, which come in both analyst and advisor varieties, are designed to take on the traditional research advisor and analysts' role, and often employ a mixture of the aforementioned strategies (particularly quantitative analysis and diversification) to attain their user's goals. A typical robo-advisor will build a basket of data based on the risk profile of the client, whereas robo-analysts will delve into SEC filings and data released in annual company reports. But it's their ability to combat cognitive bias amid volatile, stressful, and high-pressure market situations that place these bots a cut above the rest. And they've already proven to outperform their human counterparts as a result.

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We live in a Global Economy and are connected through technology. We are on a mission to assist every individual that has the desire to succeed. By educating individuals on How Crypto Works, will position them ahead of the curve. Take 30 minutes TODAY and jump on a Zoom. Success Requires Participation.

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